The Butterfly and the Diving Bell

The real Jean-Do Bauby with Claude Mendibil

We need narratives to make sense out of life, even when apparently there remains very little to live. Illness is often experienced as a disturbing break of the link between past, present and future, and therefore one of the ends of healthcare might be the recovery of some integrated experience by means of narrative. (Of course, narratives can be deceptive, but that does not invalidate the former.) I hope tomorrow we will see that when watching together The Butterfly and the Diving Bell; in addition, we will have the privilege of having Ezequiel Di Paolo watch the film with us. Then he will be sharing with us his research on Locked-in syndrome, published here:

Kyselo, M. and Di Paolo, E. A. (2015). Locked-in syndrome: A challenge for embodied cognitive science. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 14, 517-542.

Also, for a commentary of the film from a physician’s point of view, go here.



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