Bioethics, literature, & narrative autonomy

Last summer we spent two very good months at the Philosophy Department, University of Bristol. Their wonderful hospitality made it possible for me to finish an edited volume that is forthcoming, and also this article, which I presented in a workshop there and has just been published in Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, first view.The CQHE is an excellent ISI-indexed journal, and it’s been a pleasure to publish with them. The copyright holder is Cambridge University Press, and the bibliographic reference goes as follows:

Casado da Rocha, A. 2014. Narrative Autonomy: Three Literary Models of Healthcare in the End of Life. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 23 (first view): 1-9.
© Cambridge University Press 2014. doi:10.1017/S096318011300073X

This article is the first in a special section addressing literature as a means to explore ethical issues arising in healthcare, which I will be editing (more details in the PDF).

Again, thanks to all the friends and colleagues at Bristol for making our stage so enjoyable and productive!

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